[CentOS] multiple signed ssl certificatess on single IP address

Ara Avvali ara.avvali at bossaudio.com
Sun Mar 19 00:30:33 UTC 2006

Good afternoon everyone,

This is my first post here. I was wondering if someone could clear my
mind about this.

I have a dedicated server with a single ip address assigned to it. I
want to host couple of site which are hosted somewhere else and they
have signed certificates. Now I want to host them all on this single


Is it possible to bound more than one cert to a single IP based apache
server and host multiple virtual directories?

I did a research on line and found couple answers which are all
confusing me.


One suggested that I need to get additional ip's and assign different
sites to it. (Not a very practical solution) 


Other one says we can use the same cert and ip but have secondary host
on different port number than default.  Something likes
https://www.abc.com <https://www.abc.com/>  and https://www.def.com:444
<https://www.def.com:444/>  and so on. But this will cause people a
warning regarding the certificate error on second path, is that correct?


Some one suggested a wild card certificate but how can I do that since
dedicated server name is a.dedicated.hostingcompany.com and I need to
generate certificates covering *.abc.com and *.def.com 


Would someone kindly clear my mind on this issue?  

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