[CentOS] multiple signed ssl certificatess on single IP address

Maciej Żenczykowski maze at cela.pl
Sun Mar 19 01:08:39 UTC 2006

> B: is better if I could convince them, but as you stated we might face
> problem with none standard port numbers

Yes, unfortunately such firewalls are more and more common (sitting behind 
such a firewall at home right now, same thing at both my parents work 

> C: sound fair and I need to search for it.
> We have plesk and I just saw this article. Do you think it is the
> solution for my question?
> http://www.digicert.com/ssl-certificate-installation-plesk.htm

I think the installation of the single certificate is the same as always. 
The problem is getting a signed _certified_ certificate which is valid for 
more then 1 domain - that may be significantly harder.


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