[CentOS] multiple signed ssl certificatess on single IP address

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Sun Mar 19 11:23:41 UTC 2006


On Sun 19-Mar-2006 at 01:45:08AM +0100, Maciej Żenczykowski wrote:
> However, there are some solutions:
>   a) get more IP's and host each https site on a different IP
>   b) use different port numbers on the same IP
> BOTH a and b allow different certificates per site, since they use 
> different host:ip pairs
>   c) use a single wildcard certificate or a certificate for more than one 
> site.  Basically a single certificate which is valid for both abc.com and 
> def.com.  Searching around on Google should reveal a wiki with more 
> information about how to do this and remain compatible with the major web 
> browsers  (I think the link should also be in the CentOS list archives).

d) Use a CAcert cert with a AltSubjectName for each domain name. I have
   posted about this before to this list, this wiki page documents how
   to do it:


   This is not suitable for ecommerce and such like since users need to
   install the CACert root cert to avoid warnings but for other purposes
   it's a great solution.

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