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Robert Hanson list06 at abbacomm.net
Mon Mar 20 22:34:58 UTC 2006

} My server has not yet been updated with all the goodies and is still a
} stock 4.2 installation.  What is the consensus about remote updating?
} Would it be better if I were to physically be there and do it or are
} things stable enough that I could do it remotely and then reboot.  It's
} kind of a PITA to have to go downtown to the C0-LO site, but can be done.
} Thanks..
} Sam

we have had absolutely no problems on small or large updates as long as the
remote session connection is stable

i asked some time ago about remote upgrades over possible unstable tcpip
connection and there were a lot of good answers.

******* ok, i found it

yum update in background

was the subject... things like use "screen" or

nohup yum -y update &


anyways... i start to digress

 - rh

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