[CentOS] Safety

Gilles CHAUVIN gcnweb at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 22:54:43 UTC 2006

Just because there are some unlucky people here, the first and only
time when I had a problem with remote updating was recently with the
2.6.9-34 kernel. After I rebooted my server it never came back online
and showed me a quite nice "kernel panic". I had to boot from the
previous kernel to see my server back online.

That's the first time I encounter such a problem and it is very
annoying (especially because I wanted to "play" with smartd with SATA
support and also because I don't like running not up to date servers).

Maybe filling a bugreport would be a good idea but I prefer to wait
for the U3 to see if it fixes the bug or not.

Do you think it is safe to file a bug on RH's bugzilla ? Since CentOS
is binary compatible with RHEL I assume I would have the same problem
with a RHEL4 but, unfortunately, I cannot do any tests for confirming
or not the problem with that distro :(.


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