[CentOS] hpoj, file missing from 4.2 package

Paul Schoonderwoerd paul at pollux-it.nl
Tue Mar 21 09:46:09 UTC 2006

Besides printing, the HP OfficeJet T45 is also capable of scanning and is 
supported by the hpoj package and sane. I could not get this working however 
under Centos 4.2 (and this already once stopped working in the past after 
doing an upgrade on RedHat 8). Sane would not find the scanning device.

I finally found that the one important library that is missing from the hpoj 
package (hpoj-0.91-9) is libsane-hpoj.so.1.0.

I solved this by compiling hpoj from source, copying the file to /usr/lib/sane 
and creating two links in the same dir to it: libsane-hpoj.so and 
libsane-hpoj.so.1 .Not ideal but it works.
I take it the file is also missing upstream ?

Now kooka (also) scans perfectly.

The one thing I now still have to solve is that printjobs stay in the queue 
while the hpoj service is running. I guess I have to define the printer 
differently because hpoj locks the parallel port. Currently it is using the 
hpijs driver.

Paul Schoonderwoerd
Pollux IT - Open Source & Netwerkbeveiliging
tel: 0294-283832

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