[CentOS] Reliable Athlon 64 motherboards

Jay Lee jlee at pbu.edu
Tue Mar 21 16:20:22 UTC 2006

Jeremy Sanders wrote:
> Hi - We're looking for a reliable Athlon 64 motherboard. Hopefully 
> this will support 4600+ (dual core) processors, SATA, and hopefully 
> gigabit networking. Reliability is the key.
> We've tried using an MSI K8NGM2-FID, based on the nforce chipset. This 
> works fine and the gigabit forcedeth appears reliable with the latest 
> kernel update. However it oopses every few days for no apparent reason.
> We've also tried an Asus A8V-E SE (VIA chipset), but this appears 
> terrible. The sky2 driver works (with the latest kernel update for 
> 4.2, or the jwl test kernels), but then hangs after an hour or two of 
> transferring data. We then tried a tg3 network card and an e1000, and 
> this corrupts the data transferred between it and another computer. 
> Maybe it is the SATA corrupting the data, but who knows. No obvious 
> errors in the logs except for lost ticks. Tried non-SMP, 32 bit, 
> noapic, acpi=off. No luck.
We have been happy with the Giga-byte K8N51GMF-9 and the ASUS A8N-VM 
CSM.  A few things:

     -Have you run Memtest86 to verify that you don't have bad RAM?  Let 
it run overnight for a few passes to verify absolute stability
     -Have you run Prime95 to verify your CPU isn't bad or overheating?  
Again, let it run overnight to verify your CPU is being cooled proper, 
also keep the case closed.
     -Have you made certain there's not an issue with the Network switch?

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