[CentOS] lphdisk and kickstart partitioning - laptop install

Alfred von Campe alfred at 110.net
Tue Mar 21 19:15:23 UTC 2006

On Mar 21, 2006, at 13:06, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> And how do you set other types? I could boot with a ghost 9 rescue  
> CD (which I did not bring with me) and edit the partition table.   
> But is there a Linux tool to do this?

You can boot from the CentOS installation CD and type "linux rescue"  
at the prompt.  And then use fdisk (type m for help as the command  
prompt says).

> oh, so a0 is a partition type.  What IS the partition type that  
> Linux makes for its boot, swap, and EXT3 filesystems?  How do I see  
> this without something like Ghost recovery?

Again, fdisk is your friend:

[root at centos ~]# fdisk /dev/sda

The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 2231.
There is nothing wrong with that, but this is larger than 1024,
and could in certain setups cause problems with:
1) software that runs at boot time (e.g., old versions of LILO)
2) booting and partitioning software from other OSs
    (e.g., DOS FDISK, OS/2 FDISK)

Command (m for help): l

0  Empty           1e  Hidden W95 FAT1 75  PC/IX           be   
Solaris boot
1  FAT12           24  NEC DOS         80  Old Minix       bf  Solaris
2  XENIX root      39  Plan 9          81  Minix / old Lin c1  DRDOS/ 
sec (FAT-
3  XENIX usr       3c  PartitionMagic  82  Linux swap      c4  DRDOS/ 
sec (FAT-
4  FAT16 <32M      40  Venix 80286     83  Linux           c6  DRDOS/ 
sec (FAT-
5  Extended        41  PPC PReP Boot   84  OS/2 hidden C:  c7  Syrinx
6  FAT16           42  SFS             85  Linux extended  da  Non-FS  
7  HPFS/NTFS       4d  QNX4.x          86  NTFS volume set db  CP/M /  
CTOS / .
8  AIX             4e  QNX4.x 2nd part 87  NTFS volume set de  Dell  
9  AIX bootable    4f  QNX4.x 3rd part 8e  Linux LVM       df  BootIt
a  OS/2 Boot Manag 50  OnTrack DM      93  Amoeba          e1  DOS  
b  W95 FAT32       51  OnTrack DM6 Aux 94  Amoeba BBT      e3  DOS R/O
c  W95 FAT32 (LBA) 52  CP/M            9f  BSD/OS          e4  SpeedStor
e  W95 FAT16 (LBA) 53  OnTrack DM6 Aux a0  IBM Thinkpad hi eb  BeOS fs
f  W95 Ext'd (LBA) 54  OnTrackDM6      a5  FreeBSD         ee  EFI GPT
10  OPUS            55  EZ-Drive        a6  OpenBSD         ef  EFI  
11  Hidden FAT12    56  Golden Bow      a7  NeXTSTEP        f0  Linux/ 
12  Compaq diagnost 5c  Priam Edisk     a8  Darwin UFS      f1   
14  Hidden FAT16 <3 61  SpeedStor       a9  NetBSD          f4   
16  Hidden FAT16    63  GNU HURD or Sys ab  Darwin boot     f2  DOS  
17  Hidden HPFS/NTF 64  Novell Netware  b7  BSDI fs         fd  Linux  
raid auto
18  AST SmartSleep  65  Novell Netware  b8  BSDI swap       fe  LANstep
1b  Hidden W95 FAT3 70  DiskSecure Mult bb  Boot Wizard hid ff  BBT
1c  Hidden W95 FAT3


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