[CentOS] File transfer protocols question.

Dominik Składanowski dskladanowski at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 10:52:16 UTC 2006

Hello list.

Please excuse me this question not directly connected to CentOS. I
have no idea where I could ask about that.

I have to download/upload over 5GB backup file to server (Linux).

First I used FTP client from my computer where I have a backup. FTP
upload from my computer has failed. I think 5GB file is too large for
the FTP protocol. Now I have loged into shell of the server (where
backup should be) and I'm downloading backup file from my computer
through SFTP.

Can you say how big file I can download/upload using SFTP (SCP) protocol?

                         D o m i n i k    S k ł a d a n o w s k i

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