[CentOS] futex.. How to remove lots of duplicate packages

Rodrigo Barbosa rodrigob at suespammers.org
Wed Mar 22 16:32:09 UTC 2006

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On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 08:12:04AM -0800, Dave wrote:
> This is the second time on a version upgrade that I've been hit with
> the futex wait issue. Last time I hung with about 5 packages to go,
> this time it hung with about 50 packages on the clean up. Now I have
> loads of duplicate packages, any way to search and/or remove them
> without trying to do it manually?

rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME}\n" | sort | uniq -d

This should give us a list of duplicated packages.

Unfortunately, you will have to check them yourself to make sure you
remove the older version. Had to do that myself yesterday on a server
of mine with messed up selinux contexts.

I recomend analysing the scripts for each package, and then deciding
if you will use "--noscripts" or not for removing. Things can get
ugly pretty quick if you are not careful when removing duplicated

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