[CentOS] Indiana timezone changing

Adam Gibson agibson at ptm.com
Wed Mar 22 19:40:43 UTC 2006

Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 08:53:37AM -0500, Jerry Geis wrote:
>> I have a couple questions... I am in Indiana and our time zone is changing.
>> I used to choose America/Indiana/Indianapolis as the zone and we are 
>> changing
>> to Eastern.
>> Question 1) Is there a command line only way to change my timezone?
> You shouldn't need to do a thing. The tzdata-2006a package contains updated
> information for the Indiana timezone.

You will have to update /etc/localtime somehow if you have the old 
zoneinfo file.  /etc/localtime is not an alias to the zoneinfo files in 
/usr/share/zoneinfo/... so an update of the tzdata file will not 
automatically update /etc/localtime to the newer one.  It has to be 
copied from /usr/share/zoneinfo by default.

I suspect that there will be a bunch of systems that have the wrong time 
because they incorrectly might assume that the yum update of tzdata will 
update /etc/localtime.

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