[CentOS] Non-torrent D/L of 4.3 DVD image?

Kenneth Hadley khadley at psemc.com
Wed Mar 22 22:54:10 UTC 2006

If your in a business environment most likely you don't have access to
port forward to your client the port your client is configured to use.

If a residential environment the same as above and/or traffic shaping by
your ISP.

I'm in a business environment with no port forwarding (I may be the
network admin, but I have to live by the same rules I give users)
running Azureus Client with torrents active for both i386 and x86_64 I
was pulling 100k-200k each today. At home last night I was pulling 320k
on my residential DSL (with port forwarding) for the same two torrents.

Mileage may vary.


> you have a local problem on your end or a mis configured bittorrent 
> client - look at this :
> at time of release, the DVD torrents were seeding ( for x86_64, i386 
> and
> ia64 together ) at over 1.3 GiB/sec.
> its only grown from there. And almost everyone who's commented on it -

> has said that they have been able to saturate their links with the 
> torrent ( eg. one guy on irc was leeching at 35MiB/sec earlier in the 
> day today ... )
> I find it hard to believe that in general terms, ftp would offer much 
> better performance.

I do believe that something is wrong with the setup. I get torrent
connection speeds that vary wildly from 10KB/sec to about 200KB/sec. FTP
gets me about 1380KB/sec.


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