[CentOS] Cannot start sm-client on CentOS

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Thu Mar 23 00:31:16 UTC 2006

Alexander Dalloz wrote on Wed, 22 Mar 2006 23:21:17 +0100:

> Very bad idea. If you really want to migrate settings from a SuSE 
> install then take the sendmail.mc settings and rebuild the sendmail.cf 
> from those settings on your CentOS host. And be sure you understand what 
> settings you activate. 

That's what I did, I always use my custom m4 and mc files to build the cf, 
sorry, if that wasn't clear.

I finally found the reason for the problem. I had moved over the mail spool 
with a tarball and for a reason I don't remember I tarred spool/mail from var 
and when untarring on the other machine that removed some privileges from 
/var/spool. Sorry for taking your time.


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