[CentOS] Re: packaging local builds

Keith Morse kgmorse at mpcu.com
Thu Mar 23 01:23:46 UTC 2006

Rodrigo Barbosa wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 03:14:45PM -0500, James B. Byrne wrote:
> >> I have built software on unix/Linuix many times, but now I want to
> >> move two packages that I have built on one machine to another (both
> >> CentOS4.2), and the time seems ripe to discover how to use rpm.  
> >> The packages are subversion-1.3.0 and swig-1.3.28.  How do I turn
> >> the the results of the build process into rpms?
> >>

> James,
>     you are opening a whole can of worms here. RPM package building
> is not to the faint of heart. At least if you plan to do it right.
To be sure, but it doesn't hurt to one's feet wet either.  Chkinstall is
a cheap and easy first step for creating rpm's out of tarball packages.

>     I would suggest you start at www.rpm.org. There are tutorials
> there. After you've got a feeling on how it works, you should get
> a few SRPMS from the CentOS repository, and see if you can understand
> them (the specfiles). It will also give you a feel on the particularities
> of rpm packages for CentOS (trust me, it will change at lot from on
> distro to another).
The last time I looked www.rpm.org it appeared not to have been updated
in awhile.   Additionally, there is a rpm builder's list at RedHat's
site that was quite active and might yield some results on a search of
the archives

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