[CentOS] how tell what process has port 22

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Thu Mar 23 05:42:27 UTC 2006

>Jerry Geis wrote:
>>/ I had trouble with the update to 4.3.
/>>/ How do I tell what program that is and stop it?
/>Personal favorite way:
># /sbin/fuser -v 22/tcp

Looks like there really is no port conflict - my laptop does the same thing
and the commands suggested return no program using the port on my desktop (messed up box).
It works on my laptop with sshd running. 

Actuall sshd does RUN. however when I try to connect it is saying "connection closed".
I have ran system-config-securitylevel and have ssh enabled. I have rebooted...

I cannot get sshd to allow me to connect.

httpd still wont start. I see no entries in messages other than httpd failed.

I dont know what else to do/try. THanks for any suggestion.


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