[CentOS] Webserver redundancy - help

Steve Huff shuff at vecna.org
Thu Mar 23 14:21:38 UTC 2006

On Mar 23, 2006, at 8:57 AM, Wayne wrote:

> My problem is there is no redundancy. If webserver 1 goes down then  
> clients
> A,B,C have no services.
> I need to add in redundancy. I can't at the moment afford a 4th  
> server.
> So I need to make do with whats currently there.

you might want to think about run a Red Hat Cluster Suite cluster,  
since it's been ported to CentOS.  read the readme here:


be aware that while i believe that this system would satisfy your  
needs (based on the information you've provided), setting up CS/GFS  
is a nontrivial task.  read all the docs and be sure you understand  
what you're doing; if not, ask.

important considerations:
1) you *need* shared storage.  use a fibre channel or iSCSI SAN, or  
use an external disk chassis with a scsi controller for each host.
2) you *need* some automatic means of fencing (i.e. power-cycling)  
the hosts in the cluster.  a network-controlled power switch will do  
this well; if you don't want to buy one, some servers have remote  
management ports that will permit fencing.


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