[CentOS] Evolution Updated RPM

Brent DiNicola centos at elric.net
Fri Mar 24 15:10:48 UTC 2006

I realize that the Evolution included with 4.3 is not really 2.0, but it
is not 2.4/2.6 either. Has anyone out there tried or successfully updated
Evolution to the 2.6 version (or even 2.4) on CentOS? The OS is doing
great on the desktop, I am however trying to use a Scalix connector that
relies on some major changes that were done around 2.4 version of
Evolution and it's Data Server. I have done a bit of digging and so far,
to update to Evolution 2.4+ you would need a newer form of glib2
installed, which at that point would be a core update. Anyone have any
luck or advice on this? Perhaps someone got the Scalix connector working
on older Evolution (which would be ok with me).



Brent DiNicola
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