[CentOS] UPS Batteries

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Fri Mar 24 18:59:04 UTC 2006

edukes at alltel.net wrote:
>> Depending on the vendor of the UPS, you may be able to cheaply replace 
>> the original batteries.  APC has a program called "ChargeUPS" or 
>> somesuch that sends you replacement batteries and allows you to send 
>> your old batteries back to them "freight pre-paid" so you don't have to 
>> deal with disposing of them properly (which can be a pain in the behind 
>> in some areas).
> The reason I asked the question was I was looking at buying a used APC 1400 with no battery.  It seems shipping for the battery is about as much as the battery itself.
> Do you know a particular model of APC that is compatible with CentOS?

I'm not sure I understand your question.  If by "compatible" you mean it 
will come with software that will work with CentOS so that you can do 
automated shutdowns and whatnot, I'm really not sure of the status of 
those tools for Linux in general, and CentOS in particular.  That's the 
only "compatibility" issue I can think of.

Also, I wouldn't buy a used UPS without a battery.  You have absolutely 
no way of knowing whether it works.  CompUSA and Staples have recently 
been selling brand new SmartUPS 1500 units for $199.  Even if the used 
one is FREE, I'd still pay the $199 to get a known good UPS with a warranty.


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