[CentOS] CentOS 4.3 Jigdo

Maciej Żenczykowski maze at cela.pl
Sat Mar 25 01:09:58 UTC 2006

> Right - but you need to mount 4 isos in the same place - not sure even
> mount --bind can do that ... ???

(No actually you can just run it four times, each time it'll get as much 
as possible from the provided source.)

Further note, you can just use jigdo-lite:

$ jigdo-lite CentOS-4.3-i386-bin1of4.jigdo 
Images offered by `CentOS-4.3-i386-bin1of4.jigdo':
   1: CentOS-4.3-i386-bin1of4.iso

If you already have a previous version of the CD you are
downloading, jigdo can re-use files on the old CD that are also
present in the new image, and you do not need to download them
again. Mount the old CD ROM and enter the path it is mounted under
(e.g. `/mnt/cdrom').
Alternatively, just press enter if you want to start downloading
the remaining files.
Files to scan:


and I think you can just press ^C when it finishes the CD and restart it 
with a different one and it'll continue (or maybe it asks for CD's one 
after the other until you give a blank answer? not sure...)

>> There's also some option to jigdo to pull straight from CD instead of from
>> .jigdo specified sources, I think it ignores paths then... not sure.
> I thought there was - but couldnt find it.

As above.

>> (You can also sed the jigdo file)

That's why I said this was rudimentary... still not sure how to best do 
this... one source is best for internet, but even then I'm not sure where 
to put the double slash // seperator between PATH label (CentOS43) and the 
internal path within the 'share'.

> so maybe we need a different jigdo file to build the dvd from 4 isos -
> mapped as 4 separate sources ???

Don't like that idea.  I think jigdo-lite deals with this on it's own.


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