[CentOS] UPS Batteries

Thomas E Dukes edukes at alltel.net
Sat Mar 25 01:36:45 UTC 2006


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> On 3/24/06, Dan Pritts <danno at internet2.edu> wrote:
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> > ...but i think not compatible with all APC models.  Check 
> before you buy.
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> Agreed. Refer to:
> http://www.apcupsd.org/manual/Supported_UPSes_Cables.html

Thanks for all the responses!!

APC sure has a lot of models to choose from.  Looks like a unit with USB
support may be the way to go.  I just want a simple shutdown and restart
when power resumes for my server.  It would be nice to have a model on the
network to shutdown all my PCs (4) on my local network but that may be a
little too pricey for me.  It's a little fuzzy as to whether each would need
a APC card or just need to be running the APC software.  How does that work?


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