[CentOS] slashdotted

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at birdvet.org
Mon Mar 27 16:05:30 UTC 2006

I agree.  I'm embarrassed that somebody in Oklahoma IT would act this 
way.  (I work at the state level, not city level).

Johnny, please let me apologize for Jerry Taylor's rudeness and general 
lack of knowlege in this area. I'll see if I can reach him later in the 
week (I'm putting out fires right now) and help him understand CentOS.  
I can tell you that we're using it at the state level, with terrific 


Chris Mauritz wrote:

> Johnny,
> I must say that I think you've got the patience of a saint.  Good job 
> on taking the high road.  8-)
> Cheers,
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