[CentOS] mdadm and smtp yum update issue

Robert Hanson list06 at abbacomm.net
Mon Mar 27 19:50:24 UTC 2006


i have a newer centos 4.2 server using qmail for smtp
the /etc/yum.conf has this in it

exclude=spamassassin exim postfix sendmail

so when i do a yum update to go to 4.3 i get this

--> Running transaction check
--> Processing Dependency: smtpdaemon for package: mdadm
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Missing Dependency: smtpdaemon is needed by package mdadm

how should i procede from here?

evidentally mdadm wants a known smtp function as i do not get this error
until i stuff exim and postfix and sendmail in the exclude

should i undo exim in /etc/yum.conf exclude and then after exim is installed
then remove it?


rpm -e --nodeps exim

or another way?

yum remove exim


thanks in advance...

 - rh

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   Computer & Internet Services
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