[CentOS] Server hosed... maybe?

Jay Leafey jay.leafey at mindless.com
Tue Mar 28 18:05:16 UTC 2006

I THINK I found the problem.  As usual, a user/keyboard disconnect error. :^}

I rebooted the box this morning into single-user mode and started looking at config files, comparing them to it's twin.  Nothing 
obvious jumped out (of course).  I ran authconfig and turned off LDAP authenticaion, tne rebooted the box.  Once it came back up, I 
was able to log in.  I re-ran authconfig and turned LDAP authentication back on and was able to log into a VC or remotely via SSH 
with no problems.

I did see another difference that may or man not have had anything to do with it.  The "kernel" line in grub.conf had "console=tty0" 
at the end, but only on the box I was having problems with.  It had been uses with a serial console a while back, but not any more. 
  I'm not sure if removing it had anything to do with the problem, but it's working now.  I'm going to try to recreate the problem, 
so I may have something more definitive later.

Anyway, it seems happy now.
Jay Leafey - Memphis, TN
jay.leafey at mindless.com
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