[CentOS] Another server hosed

JT Justman jt-centos at sirius.airdelights.com
Tue Mar 28 19:53:10 UTC 2006

centos at 911networks.com wrote:
> Benjamin Smith wrote:
>> I'd really like to know what this turned out to be...
> It was sendmail that would hang during the boot. At that point the
> startup would wait, wait and wait...  I do not need sendmail, so I
> disabled it from the startup.

<insert qmail|postfix|courier jab here>

>> My advice? Don't host more than about 2-4 hour drive from home...
> Not an option...

Nor for me, that's why I endeavor to keep a duplicate of my production
server locally to try out such things. Of course that doesn't save me
from things like fat-fingered iptables scripts. I did so today and my
host (Server Beach) was super quick to console in and run the commands I


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