[CentOS] ATI Radeon Mobility M6 LY & IBM Thinkpad R40

Max H. btmanmeh at verizon.net
Tue Mar 28 20:51:52 UTC 2006

Steve Huff wrote:
> hm.  it might be a good idea to verify that the "IgnoreEDID" option  is 
> set to "off" in the radeon driver settings in xorg.conf.  dealing  with 
> LCD panels got a lot easier for me once i started checking that.

I tried with the option you said, and it's still not working. I also 
took an external IBM LCD monitor (I know for sure it's capable of higher 
resolutions than 1280x1024) and I can't get it to work either. It works 
good at 1024x768. I made it even boot up on the external from the BIOS 
settings just to ensure the laptop LCD wasn't getting in the way. That 
for sure rules out the problem being limited to the LCD screen.


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