[CentOS] OT Clarkconnect Firewall/Router updates

Franklin S Werren webmaster at bagpipes.net
Tue Mar 28 21:18:42 UTC 2006

Why not use  http://www.ipcop.org/
I know it does not use the latest OS
but why re-invent the wheel....

It has all sorts of goodies like Open VPN
and other plugins available.....

I am using it and it ROCKS!!!!!

Franklin S. Werren webmaster at bagpipes.net
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Hello All,

   I have several Centos boxes I am very pleased with. I run another box
with the Clarkconnect distribution as a dedicated firewall. Since the
Clarkconnect distro is built from Centos I was wondering if anyone knows
what needs to be installed on this box so that I could use yum to keep it up
to date?
Apologies if this is not the proper venue for this question.

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