[CentOS] Timeout when downloading messages

Jim Perrin jperrin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 03:20:41 UTC 2006

> no unusual logs on maillog and dmesg also. Im thinking if its a connectivity
> problem on dovecot ? i tried one of my clients. downloading 40 mails, on the
>  20th mail it stops there and timeout.

Oh, on the 20th email! Well that changes EVERYTHING!

We need information to be able to help you. Use an email client like
thunderbird and watch the email transaction, or use ethereal and
sniff/follow the email transaction, or increase the logging on the
server. Right now, you've not shown us how your server is configured.
We have no logs to consult, only your word that they're okay, and we
have no client to watch to see how the client treats the server. in
short... GIVE US INFORMATION! You need to help us help you.
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