[CentOS] CentOS 4.3 Upgrade vs Clean Reinstall

Andrew Hull list at racc2000.com
Wed Mar 29 21:03:59 UTC 2006

Mike Stankovic wrote:
> I upgraded via  yum on a previously cleanly installed
> 4.2 and hhave  had no issues. No dupliicate rpms. Has
> anyone had problems?
> I suppose had this been a 4 -> 4.1 -> 4.2 -> 4.3 this
> would be different.

I have several production servers that have been running CentOS 4 since 
release day. They have all taken the .x updates flawlessly. That's the 
way Johnny and the gang intend it to work.

This is something that so many people seem to be confused about. The 0.x 
  "updates" are little more then re-spinning the ISOs to contain the 
package updates released to date.


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