[CentOS] cfengine

Collins Richey crichey at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 02:07:12 UTC 2006

I'm sure my RH experience is applicable to CentOS as well.

1. We've Cfengine it in limited production for a while on RH9 and
RHEL3 workstations.
2. Don't yet have ant RHEL4 workstations in production, and we haven't
yet implemented it for servers other than running a Cfengine server.
3. Cfengine is an extremely complex package, and the learning curve is
quite steep. Map out what you want to do carefully. and have another
associate eyeball your design. Standard practice.
4. I've done very little with "pushing" rpms to the workstations, but
I'm now in the process of preparing such an upgrade package.
5. We have now implemented a test Cfengine server (perhaps even more
than one)  and workstations to avoid the "oops, I thought that would
work" conditions.
6. Probably a good idea to keep the Cfengine inputs under CVS/SVN
control.  We're thinking about it.
7. Treat Cfengine system like production and be careful with changes.
See #5 above.
8. We didn't install from RPM.  I'm sure that would be fine, but
install changes iin test first. Standard practice.


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