[CentOS] NFS client monitor script?

Troy Engel tengel at fluid.com
Thu Mar 30 21:13:25 UTC 2006

Rick Philbrick wrote:
> Are these mounts used frequently or rarely ?  I had problems with
> mounts that went stale.  This only occured to the mounts that rarely
> got used.  I set up automounter and they stopped going stale.

Alas, it's more complicated -- it's a SnapServer that's freezing up, 
we're working with Adaptec to try and fix it (seems to be some sort of 
java problem on device). I did an OS upgrade at 11pm last night, all was 
working well and then sometime after midnight it ate itself and froze 
the exported mounts. As a result, thousands of emails got 
deferred/queued (*) until I could bring the device back online.

So, until we get this issue resolved on the device, I need to monitor 
the exports from a single client (the backup server where they're all 
mounted, a CentOS4 box) and send an email/sms when things die.


(*) once again, exim saves the day. swiss army knife of the MTA world.

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