[CentOS] Can't Configure USB ADSL Router

Mark Sargent powderkeg at snow.email.ne.jp
Mon May 1 15:08:38 UTC 2006

Daniel de Kok wrote:

>According to http://whirlpool.net.au/index.cfm?a=h_view&model_id=278
>this modem has (Ethernet) LAN connectivity. Using the Ethernet port to
>connect to the net will probably save you a lot of time.
Hi All,

Daniel, tnx for that. I should have added, though, that I already have 
another machine using the Ethernet connection, and wish to run a 2nd PC 
from the USB for now as I'm not anywhere close to a place where I can 
buy a small switching hub and need to transfer some large data from one 
to the other. Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

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