[CentOS] Raid Questions

Mace Eliason meliason at shaw.ca
Mon May 1 18:56:59 UTC 2006

Okay I have the damaged drive fixed and running.  It looks like it 
failed april 6th.  So everything has been running on the other drive.  
But I can't get the other drive to boot.

How can if fix it so it will boot?  When I hooked them together after 
fixing the primary drive it still wouldn't boot.  If I unplug the mirror 
drive that won't boot It will boot from the drive I fixed. 

So I need to get the secondary mirror that is current to boot and then 
mirror it to the fixed drive (or soon to have replacement drive)

I am desperate to get this going.

Please help


Mace Eliason wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a centos 4.2 server setup and running as a zimbra email server.
> It has 2 18.4Gig SCSI hard drives setup in software raid 1 for mirroring.
> I had tested the unit before production and found that if I 
> disconnected one of the drives the other wouldn't boot
> I search and found that I had to modify the boot (I don't remember 
> exactly at the moment)
> After testing I am sure it worked.
> On the weekend the power went out and turns out one drive had failed 
> and the server wouldn't boot from the other drive.
> I am not sure at what point the other drive failed could be days could 
> be weeks ago.
> What is the proper way to get the system running again?
> I can fix the failed drive.  (damaged pin).  When I get it running 
> again will the info on the drive that won't boot be mirror back to the 
> other drive?
> I am sure the drive that won't boot due to grub and raid is the most 
> current.
> Thanks for any help
> Mace
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