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William L. Maltby BillsCentOS at triad.rr.com
Mon May 1 18:22:08 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 11:56 -0700, Mace Eliason wrote:
> Okay I have the damaged drive fixed and running.  It looks like it 
> failed april 6th.  So everything has been running on the other drive.  
> But I can't get the other drive to boot.
> How can if fix it so it will boot?  When I hooked them together after 
> fixing the primary drive it still wouldn't boot.  If I unplug the mirror 
> drive that won't boot It will boot from the drive I fixed. 
> So I need to get the secondary mirror that is current to boot and then 
> mirror it to the fixed drive (or soon to have replacement drive)
> I am desperate to get this going.
> Please help
> Mace
> <snip>

NOTE! Total ignorance here because never have and don't do this stuff.
But based on your earlier posts and old posts by others and the sound of
desperation, I can use my super powers of observation (& 1 remaining
active memory cell) to ask Qs that *hopefully* lead you the right

You said you had configured, tested and verified that it would boot in
the past? This means that you did set up each drive with a separate
boot-able partition and install grub on each independently? IIRC, from
the posts I recall seeing, that was what was needed.

Anyway, IIRC the gist of the posts, when you get booted from recovery
media, you should now check to be sure that partitioning is correct (a
boo-table and LVMable on each drive), grub is installed on each and a
populated boot partition. Might not hurt to fsck the boot part you're
rebuilding and/or repopulate it to make sure you have the
complete/desired versions.

For any more detail googling with site:CentOS as part of your advanced
keyword search will get you to the many threads by knowledgeable people
who have discussed this extensively (albeit under much less pressure
usually) for the benefit of all future victims! ;-)

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