[CentOS] Rebuilding Raid 1

Mace Eliason meliason at shaw.ca
Mon May 1 20:19:45 UTC 2006

Trying a different approch.


Raid 1 setup
Bootable raid drive failed
Mirror has been working for almost a month and then rebooted
Now can't boot mirror drive grub not mirrored from other drive.

I Fixed bootable drive. 


Can I hook up both drives and boot fixed drive then rebuilt mirror from 
nonbootable drive to bootable drive?

Does the raid automatically rebuilt when I boot with both drives?
Can I run a command to rebuilt from one drive to the other and visa versa

I want to try it but I am worried that if I hook them up and it boots 
that because the bootable drive has older info it might over write the 
other drive. 


Can't seem to figure out how to get the other drive bootable.

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