[CentOS] Re: Rebuilding Raid 1

Mace Eliason meliason at shaw.ca
Mon May 1 23:59:17 UTC 2006

Scott Silva wrote:
> Mace Eliason spake the following on 5/1/2006 4:32 PM:
>> Can anyone answer this question:
>> What happens if one drive is out of sync with the other.  One drive has
>> 1 month newer files on it, but its not the boot drive.
>> If I let Centos boot from the older version will it automatically
>> rebuilt the raid 1 to the second drive?????  (bad for me)
>> Or do you have to manually do it??
> With raid1 arrays, you don't actually boot from a partition, you boot from the
> raid array such as /dev/md0. The raid code should know if the array is out of
> sync and will leave the bad drive out of the array. Your array will be in
> degraded mode, but should boot.
> Then you can add the other partitions back to the array and they will re-sync.
> You just have to be careful that you add the proper partitions back to the
> proper arrays.
Okay here is another strange question.  I have booted the system with 
ubuntu and mounted the good drive can I edit files on the boot partition 
to get it to boot?

I can see all the files but the fact that when the drive boots it says 
can file boot partition makes me suspect that I would have to do more 
than that.  The partition is there /boot and it is set to boot.

So what your saying above that if I boot the system it should boot and 
nothing will be synced untill I do it manually?

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