[CentOS] weird install issue

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Wed May 3 07:35:25 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 22:29 -0700, Joe Pruett wrote:
> > this isnt really a problem, its something thats by design - we want the
> > comps to only be on cd-1 since that way people can run a minimum install
> > only needing cd-1.
> >
> > depending on the pkgset selected for install, the installer will build a
> > transaction set, comps goes right down the ladder there, to setup an
> > install order. IF you really want everything and dont want to do this
> > switch - how about using the DVD or install over the wire !
> i don't understand how the rpm dependencies could end up putting comps so 
> far down the list.  i just checked for requirements dependencies and 
> nothing seems to show up.  doesn't the rpm system under anaconda know what 
> packages are on what disks and build the transaction to cope with that?
> i do usually use network installs, but sometimes i'm in the field and 
> don't have that luxury.

Where comps is in relation to the install is based on how many different
RPMS are installed.

If you have certain things checked (like a minimal install) it all
happens from CD-1 ... other installs are CD-1 and CD-2 only ... others
require all 4 CDs.

I don't think that having to swap 1 CD back in 1 time is a major

This issue has to do with the fact that CD-1 has been made to contain
comps so that a minimal install can happen all from CD-1.

The upstream provider has different CD-1's for each flavor (AS, ES, WS,
Desktop, etc.) and their comps is located elsewhere ... if we don't move
comps to disc 1  .... then everybody has to have all the other discs
they need + disc4.  In other words, an install that now requires only
CD-1 would need disc1 and disc4 ... and one that currently requires
disc1 and disc2 would need disc1 and disc2 and disc4, etc.

The only downside is that some installs will require you to swap disc 1
in the middle of disc 4.  

I think that is much preferable to the alternative (since you are
already required to have disc 4 in your particular install) ... than to
require disc 4 for every install (just for comps), even ones that
currently happen from disc 1 only OR from disc 1 and 2 only.

I could be wrong ... however I personally think that not making 2 discs
be required for a minimal install is much more convenient (since I quite
frequently download or take disc 1 with me to do minimal installs). 
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