[CentOS] installing WIndows at end of disk

Jim Perrin jperrin at gmail.com
Wed May 3 15:54:48 UTC 2006

> Thanks for that. I do know I will have to repair the grub boot record.
> I'm not sure that VMWare will work for me. The reason I need to
> install Windows is that I need to run the Dell Storage Manager to do
> some things to a (oldish) Dell disk array connected via fibre
> channel. Linux can mount these disks just fine, but there appears to
> be no way to manage the array from Linux. So I don't know if Windows
> in VMWare  on top of Linux could do it. It might, I just don't know.
> It's a long story, the array was set up before me on a Windows
> system, which is no longer here. My other option is to move the FC
> card to another machine. At this point I haven't decided which is the
> easiest way to go.

Dell has made a largish amount of software available via a yum
repository for several flavors of linux. You may want to check out
http://linux.dell.com/yum/software/rhel4/RPMS/ to see if what you need
is there to do this on linux. I've not played with the storage
manager, and I tend to avoid dell so I can't help out much more than

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