[CentOS] CentOS on dedibox.fr

Gilles CHAUVIN gcnweb at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:55:14 UTC 2006


I just wanted to let you know that a french company named Iliad [1]
just launched yesterday a new offer called dedibox [2].

For 29.99EUR "without the taxes" (about 38USD according to www.xe.com)
per month you can rent a dedicated server containing:
- CPU: VIA C7 2GHz
- RAM: 1GB
- BW: 100Mbps
- Unlimited Traffic

Oh wait... I'm pretty sure you're starting to ask my message is a spam
? :) In fact, the other interesting thing is that you can choose the
OS you wish to install:
- DediboxOS (based on ubuntu)
- Ubuntu-server
- Debian Sarge
- Fedora Core 5

Since this offer is pretty new, the choice is very limited for now.
But I talked on IRC to one of the guys working at dedibox after I read
this page:

This is in French but if you read the part "Disponibilité des
services" you'll see the other distros that will be available in the
(near?) future. Then I asked the guy about the "RedHat" that is
written there and asked him if they plan to use old Redhat's release
or RHEL (or any clone) and he answered me: RH9 and *CentOS*.

I know most of the users on this mailing-list doesn't really care
about this since this offer only targets people living in France but
since I really enjoy working with CentOS, I thought some here may
think it is a good news that a hosting service will be offering CentOS
to his customers.

Given the price of this offer, there is a huge amount of people that
subscribes to their services... I'm pretty sure some people will
discover OpenSource Operating-Systems and especially CentOS (when
it'll be available) and will try it and love it.


Note: I'm not affiliated to dedibox and this mail really is not a spam
or an ad message but just an "happiness" message, trust me :).

BTW, please excuse my english...

[1] - http://iliad.fr/
[2] - http://dedibox.fr/

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