[CentOS] Mouse problems

Mace Eliason meliason at shaw.ca
Sat May 6 15:56:50 UTC 2006


I am running Centos 4.3 and I having irratic problems with my mouse.  I 
have the same problems with other versions of centos as well.  I have 
search and tried everything that I could find but still it's not working 

It is a new microsoft laser wireless mouse 6000

For the most part it seems to work okay but it the buttons seem to click 
on there own a you move the mouse.  For example if I click on the menu 
it drops down as long as the mouse is moving down the menu its fine as 
soon as I stop it loads what ever progam the mouse is on.  Clicking has 
problems to some time you have to click serveral times to get it to 
work.  Or you click a check box and when you move the mouse off the 
check box it un checks.

I have check the X config file and it is set to what is suggested for 
usb mice.

Any one have similar problems.  If I plug in a regular optical usb mouse 
it works just fine.


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