[CentOS] Cannot access windows shared folder from CentOS 4.3

Simon chteh at nrg.cs.usm.my
Mon May 8 15:17:31 UTC 2006

Dear members,


Recently I encountered a problem on accessing windows shared folder from
CentOS 4.3. I'm quite wondering why I couldn't access since I already allow
all or even switch off my windows firewall. What I did is I just type
smb://my_windows_ip and the error message saying that  "You do not have the
permission necessary to view the contents of "windows Network:


Did I miss anything when I try to access my windows shared folder? I would
like to say sorry if this question had been asked previously..i had try to
find the solution on the internet but  I fail to find one.


Thanks in advance 


Best Regards

Simon Teh

Univerisiti Sains Malaysia


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