[CentOS] Acrobat Reader version for CentOS 3?

Greg Bailey gbailey at lxpro.com
Mon May 8 18:10:12 UTC 2006

Alan Sparks wrote:

>Having had a working version of Acrobat Reader, I upgraded to 7.0.5 a
>couple of days ago (without backing up the previous install, of course). 
>Unfortunately, the acroread command fails with:
>GTK+ UI Toolkit libraries, ver. 2.4 or greater were not found.
>The (CentOS 3) standard libraries for gtk+ etc. are installed.
>Anyone know what is the most recent compatible version of Acrobat Reader
>for CentOS 3, and where to get a copy?  Thanks.
>Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator    <asparks at doublesparks.net>

I also run CentOS 3, and hit this same issue.  I have Adobe Reader 
7.0.1, which doesn't have this requirement for gtk+ 2.4 or higher.  I'm 
not sure why Adobe introduced this requirement in the middle of the 
7.0.X series.  I posted a question on the Adobe forums about it, but 
haven't seen any type of reply.  If you need 7.0.1 and can't find it, 
e-mail me off list and I'll put it up for download...


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