[CentOS] Battery applet missing Compaq R3000

P Marvin Eberly eberlyml at wjtl.net
Tue May 9 00:34:59 UTC 2006

Hello list,
 I recently loaded CentOS 4.2 x86_64 on a Compaq R3000 laptop and then
fully updated to 4.3. The battery applet on other installs always just
showed up and worked, not so here. It is not in the applet choices at
all, it is available here on my desktop. I suspect it is something
simple I'm missing but I need a point in the right direction. I did try:
yum remove and yum install gnome-applets, no difference.

 any ideas much appreciated,

P Marvin Eberly <eberlyml at wjtl.net>

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