[CentOS] Congrats to CentOS at Home Folding Team

Tony Molloy tony.molloy at ul.ie
Thu May 11 09:00:40 UTC 2006

On Thursday 11 May 2006 00:04, Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Max H. wrote:
> > Congrats to the CentOS at Home Folding Team! I see we're creeping up to
> > break the 700 rank for teams.
> We should make even more headway soon as I just took delivery of a
> bunch of dual opteron systems which need to be stress tested for a few
> weeks prior to deployment.  8-)
> Cheers,

We'd be even higher if the work assign server at was still 
giving out work packets. It was not contactable last weekend meaning we 
lost lots of work units. I had to reinstall folding on several machines 
to get it to use another assign server ;-(

So check that your installation is still working.


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