[CentOS] SELinux vs. Shorewall

Kirti S. Bajwa kbajwa at tibonline.net
Thu May 11 22:23:55 UTC 2006

Hello List:

This question is anybody who has experience with Firewall security using
SELinux and Shorewall!

I am in the process of setting up a new LINUX system. I have read about
SELinux Firewall in CentOS 4.3. I am wondering if someone can shed light on
Shorewall Firewall vs. SELinux Firewall.

I have not used either one of these Firewalls even though I once (2 years
ago) tested setting up Shorewall Firewall. I liked the concept and design of
Shorewall, however, I prefer using SELinux, because it part of CentOS setup.

Any suggestion and discussion is highly appreciated.


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