[CentOS] Serverworks HT1000 chipset drivers (Supermicro H8SSL motherboard)

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Fri May 12 18:08:43 UTC 2006

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Chris Mauritz wrote:
>> Anyone using boards with this chipset?  I've gotten some dual core 
>> single cpu boxes along with the physical dual cpu boxes I just 
>> received and they're using the Serverworks HT1000 (Broadcom 5785) 
>> chipset.  My CentOS 4.2 DVD doesn't want to recognize the chipset so 
>> I can't see any of the SATA drives in the integrated SATA ports.  
>> Drives on 3Ware cards work as expected, but I was hoping to also make 
>> use of the integrated SATA ports.  I'm downloading 4.3 via bitorrent 
>> now, but I suspect that isn't going to solve the problem without some 
>> command line magic.
>> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> OK, I've gotten the x86_64 CentOS 4.3 DVD downloaded now so I'll have 
> another go at it.  I managed to find a "driver disk" from Supermicro's 
> ftp server for RHEL4 so I'm hoping that will fix the problem.  
> According to a few posts I found in various forums, the driver I'm 
> after seems to be "sata_svw".  Hopefully, that does it.  Otherwise, I 
> guess it's time so scrounge up some extra 3ware cards instead.  :-)

That seems to work (sorta).  I had to configure the SATA controller to 
use MMIO instead of the default IDE setting.  Then when I get the linux 
prompt when booting from the DVD I type "linux dd".  When it later asks 
me if I have a driver disk, I say "no" and all appears to work 
normally.  However, the machines crash/hang when the partitions are 
being formatted.  Since this is just for burn in and testing, I use the 
default partitions that are suggested and it formats root just fine and 
then hangs about 90% of the way through /boot....every time on more than 
one machine.  :-(

Any suggestions?

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