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Tue May 16 22:26:27 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-16 at 14:06 -0400, Nick Smith wrote:
> how can i get the source rpms for the packages installed on my centos
> 3.6 server? is there a certain repositories i have to add to my
> yum.conf?  Im trying to setup a filtering program "smartfilter" and
> they want me to point to the source for squid, which i cant seem to
> find.  

There is no squid-devel file that contains the header (.h) files, etc.
Not sure if their should be or not ... the spec file does not contain
the rules to make one.

> can anyone shed some light on this for me?  someone i was
> talking to said that centos strips out the source to keep the bulk
> down, but i was hoping that wasnt the case.

CentOS (and the upstream provider ... and everyone else) strips their
binaries of debuginfo ... that has nothing to do with building things or
devel files.

> thanks for any help.
> Nick

If you want the patched source that the RPM is built from, do this (for
centos-3 version of squid).

download the latest SRPM from here:

install it (on a machine with rpm-build installed):

rpm -Uvh squid-2.5.STABLE3-6.3E.16.src.rpm

go to the SPEC directory ... the default is:


issue the command:

rpmbuild -bp squid.spec

now go to the BUILD directory ... default is:


your patched squid source will be in the directory named:


If you need to know how it was configured ... edit the file squid.spec
and look at the configure section.

Johnny Hughes
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