[CentOS] Re: Sound cards for CentOS

M.Hockings veeshooter at hockings.net
Thu May 18 14:58:00 UTC 2006

Bernard Lheureux wrote:
> Max H. wrote:
> I totaly agree with you, and I wanted to tell especialy to M.Hockings that
> I am sorry if my answer appeared to be a little agressive, it was not that
> way I wanted to tell...
> Linux is freedom and should stay like it...
> Use it the way you want... of course, I think the problem with your sound
> card could be solved with isapnp, because those sound cards (on older IBM
> Aptiva) were often ISA cards, that's maybe why it is not correctly
> detected...
>>Bernard Lheureux wrote:
>>>On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 07:41 -0400, M.Hockings wrote:
>>>A soundcard for a server ????
>>>Why ??? What do you want to do with that machine, CentOS is built for
>>>SERVER PURPOSES and if you want to make a workstation linux-based I
>>>advise you to prefarably use Fedora Core or another desktop optimized
>>>distribution but CentOS (not Centros ;-)) is based on RedHat Enterprise
>>>Linux and is done to be a SERVER SOLUTION...
>>Works just fine as enterprise workstations for myself...Sure CentOS is
>>based of RHEL, but it's not specific only to the server/enterprise
>>niche. I run it on a personal laptop for a workstation and a personal
>>desktop at home for a workstation. Yes, they are both running "server"
>>packages, but CentOS is great for both. I install it many other places
>>as only a server, it does a great job there too. I'll be watching DVD's
>>on my CentOS install after I leave work on my trip. Does this mean I'm
>>using it wrong... you can use it for whatever you want. That is what's
>>great about Linux. ;)

I'll have to do the man thing on isapnp.

If I can pick up a cheap audio card that is known to work with Centros I 
could likely expense it but I don't want to buy something, have it not 
work then try and explain that to the penny-pincers...

The Aptiva is just a test box.  Eventually I plan on using Centros to 
upgrade a Fedora Core 1 box that currently acts as our main file and 
mail server.  Do you know if Centros would recognize the AC97 onboard 
audio in that box?


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