[CentOS] Centos 3.6 - iscsi target issues

Bruno Sousa bruno.sousa at first.pt
Sun May 21 11:37:52 UTC 2006


>> also, there is no iscsi-initiator stuff at iscsitarget.sf.net - perhaps
you mean linux-iscsi.sf.net .

For this i used the manual avaiable at

>> the iscsi-initiator is included in CentOS3 and CentOS4 anyway - use that
instead ?

The packa available only gives the the iscsi-initiator and I need the

Anyway, I've compiled a new kernel based on 2.4x, and I got the iscsi-target
running.I used the code available in http://www.ardistech.com/iscsi/ .

But my goal was to running the iscsi-initiator target in a centos 3.x and
having the iscsi-initiator running in  centos 3x and centos 4x.
But the code is only available for , as you point it out, kernel 2.6.

Best regards,
Bruno Sousa

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