[CentOS] kbs-CentOS-Misc-Testing: thunderbird-1.5-2.el4.lsn looks OK under *light* use

William L. Maltby BillsCentOS at triad.rr.com
Thu May 25 02:35:23 UTC 2006

Installed today, light use in and out. All looks normal ATM. CentOS 4.3
current (but 1 kernel version to install as of today). AMD Athlon 2200XP
using i686 versions.

I'm not a heavy user of it.

Waiting to see if I like it better than Evolution or not. Unfortunately,
the more it looks like MS Windows product, the less attractive I find

I'll probably end up blowing all this GUI stuff off and go back to pine
or some-such.

Thx for your efforts making the stuff the way you do.
... and smile, even if you can't chuckle a little!  ;-)

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