[CentOS] CentOS 4.x - Multiple gateways

Joshua Gimer jgimer at gmail.com
Thu May 25 12:35:35 UTC 2006

There isn't going to be a difference to your routing. Whatever gateway comes
first in your routing table is going to be used first. You can add the one
that you want to use as the primary gateway in ifcfg-ethx of your first
interface. Then you should see two entries in your routing table (along with
the usual entries and information):

Gateway                                                   Genmask
Interface               (The address of your first gateway)           eth0               (The address of your second gateway)

On 5/25/06, Tom Brown <tom at ng23.net> wrote:
> Hi
> On a multihomed box how can i set different gateways for each NIC?
> Setting them in the ifcfg-ethx does not seem to make any difference to
> the routing?
> thanks
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